Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photo Book

Of course at the time of year when I am already spending too much money, Shutterfly offers 50% off photo books.  It never gets cheaper!  Had to work hard to get this one done, start to finish, so I could order it.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photo Book

I am way behind on my scrap-booking.  I decided to take advantage of Cyber week specials and get August-December of 2011 printed.  Now I am only one year behind.

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Photo Book

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Monday, November 12, 2012

The last few months...

In reverse order (most recent first):
My parent's came to visit.  We had a great time at soccer games, shopping, getting pedicures and celebrating my mom's birthday.  It was so great to have them visit.  Dan's mom and sister, Joanna, came a few weeks earlier but somehow I didn't get any pictures.  We love having visitors!!

Halloween 2012 Superheroes
My dad found some great costumes for the boys several months before Halloween so we thought we'd just go with their theme.  We already had Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and a friend loaned us Jack-Jack or Dash, (he falls right between in age). Mackenzie got to pick hers out and it was and sparkly but still a superhero.

Soccer Season Fall 2012
That's Dane in goal and and then Brice kicking the ball.

Our "new" swingset (minus the swings still to come).  A friend was moving and offered it to whoever would come pick it up.  It took Dan 4 hours one Saturday just to take it apart and haul it back to our house.  It was a bit weathered so it took another week to sand and refinish the whole thing.  Then a good day to put it all together.  Other than the sanding equipment and stain it was free and worth all the work!

Krispy Kreme had a "Talk Like a Pirate Day" where you got a free donut for talking like a pirate.  But if you dressed up like one you got a dozen.  Thanks to my enthusiastic kiddos we brought home 4 dozen donuts!
 Nathan, Amber and kids stopped for a visit on their way to Utah.  It was fun to spend time with cousins.  We took them to M&M kids favorite tourist attraction.

Our last trip to the beach!  We spent a week or so in California towards the end of the summer...

The coolest "zoo" ever!  Well for different reasons than normal. This is a tiny zoo about an hour north of Las Vegas called "Roos N More" We went as a group and got a great deal.  They had all sorts of "weird" animals like sloths, monkeys, kangaroos, emus, owls, bush babies, and otters.  The best part was we got to touch and/or hold almost every one of them.  Here are a few:

Brice got glasses!  I was a little shocked when he told me he couldn't read the hymn numbers from the 2nd row at church.  He is actually really excited about them and thinks he looks "stupid" withOUT them.  I am thankful that several of his favorite friends wore glasses first.

We had an unusually wet month (August?)with several really rainy days (not just hours).  Its so unusual here that it warrants some dancing in the rain almost always.

It took Luke the whole summer, but by the end he actually liked to swim, would jump into whoever would catch him and eventually even wore floaties.

Luke turned 2
He's not my baby (technically) anymore.  We made Monkey cupcakes for my sweet Lukey Monkey.
Here he is opening up "monkey wiggles" one of his favorite Wiggles movies.

Playing on his new phone, just like his daddy.
Mackenzie likes bugs.  People are surprised by the way she will touch and hold and let them crawl on her.
Mackenzie loves puzzles and and almost always has at least one out on the table that she's working on.  Luke likes to do his own puzzle right next to her.
Dan brought home a few boxes of his old GI Joe toys from his parent's garage.  Luke seemed to like them the most.  Here he has a different vehicle but it has GI Joes in it.
Emptying the pool means summer is really over.  Boo!
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oregon Trip

My grandparent's celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We took the opportunity to celebrate with them and the ENTIRE rest of their posterity.  This included there 3 kids, their 16 grand kids, their 17 great-grand kids and all the spouses. We had a total of 51 people and everyone made it!  We traveled to Portland, Oregon from New York, Alaska and everywhere in between. It was an adventure for sure but one that was worth all the effort!  I am so thankful to my grandparents for helping us get there!!

The first leg of the journey was a 7:00 am flight (meaning we left our house at 5:30 am).  The kids were SO excited to fly on a plane.  We got lucky both flights to get the "extra" seat for Luke so we could strap him in his car seat.  The worst part of the flight was when the DVD player died after only 15 minutes of Wiggles for Luke.

After seeing an product online I asked Dan to come up with something similar.  All it took was a simple metal chain connected to the LATCH belts on the car seat to strap him to a carry-on bag and Voila!  A stroller. Luke loved it and it made airport travel a little easier.
We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle's house and promptly found snakes to entertain kids of all ages.

The next adventure was The Lake which is actually on my aunt and uncle's "Property".  That Property also includes a Dairy Farm, a Pig Farm, a Mansion (literally) in the process of being built.  The Lake has a small campground, a zip line, a bike launch, paddle boats, water trampoline, and canoes.

We celebrated my Dan's birthday with homemade cookie/ice cream sandwiches.
We took individual family pictures, bigger family pictures, one of the entire 51, some with grand kids and some with great-grand kids.  Here are just a couple from my camera.  The photographer got the good ones.

That is Dane hidden in the branches of a cherry tree.  He's picking the cherries and dropping them down to one of the cousins.

The most important event was the dinner to celebrate.  Tutu and Lodie spoke a little.  We shared memories and laughs.  It was all done in a tent outside due to the huge group and the inclement weather. Tutu gave each of the granddaughters a gold necklace charm and Lodie gave each of the grandsons a key chain with their initials.

Another highlight for my kids was the indoor pool at the hotel.  It made bedtime a little easier...the older kids would swim while the younger kids fell asleep.  Sleeping my 4 kids in in one room with me was a little tricky.  Late nights and early mornings were the norm there.  Thankfully both hotels we stayed at had free continental breakfasts so that those who were awake early had a place to go while the others slept.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was on my birthday.  I have been to Portland 4 times and this was the first time I had actually seen any of Portland.  I usually spend the whole time with my family in Gresham.  Anyway, Dan found the perfect way to see a little of everything.  It is called the 4T Tour.  We started in Washington Park with a 4.5 mile hike through gorgeous scenery.  It was pretty hard but we all made it!

We ended the hike at OHSU and took an aerial tram down to the city.

Then we hopped on the trolley to ride into downtown.  Here we got off and walked around to the different food carts for dinner.

And we ended with a trainride back to Washington Park.

To celebrate my birthday we picked up my icecream cake from Cold Stone and took it to Tutu and Lodie's house to share.  Yum!!

The last night we were there we camped at The Lake.  It went better than expected.  Luke didn't sleep great and ended up inside my sleeping bag with me the last couple hours but he made up for it by taking an almost 4 hour nap in the tent later.  The weather was great the last two days and we enjoyed spending the whole time at the lake.

The night we camped was Fourth of July.  They set of fireworks over the lake.  It didn't really feel like my favorite holiday but we did have a fun time!
Funny boys playing "Harry Potter" with their sparklers.

And of course the final leg of the trip was a 9:00 p.m. flight home.  After a couple melt downs all the kids fell asleep.  Which was nice for the end of the flight but made getting off really tricky.  We had 4 carry-on bags, 4 backpacks and 4 sleeping kids.  It was really hard to wake up Brice.  We relied on the flight crew to help us get everything off. Thankfully we had acquire a cheap stroller for our hike that we could put sleeping Mackenzie into.  It was a very memorable trip!